Glasgow University Women’s Club (London) was founded in 1927. Its aim is to maintain and extend the fellowship and interests of women who have graduated from or attended classes at Glasgow University. The club holds social gatherings throughout the year including an annual formal function. Membership is drawn predominately, but not exclusively, from London and south east England.


1  Membership is open to women graduates and post-graduates of Glasgow University and any women who at any time have attended classes at the University.

2  A Committee to be responsible for running the club, presenting the annual accounts, setting the annual subscription and organising the year’s events, will be elected each year. It will comprise the following:

The President to serve for one year

The immediate Past President to serve for one year

The President-elect to serve for one year

An honorary secretary, membership secretary and treasurer to serve for two years and be eligible for re-election, but to serve no more than 6 consecutive years in that role, and not be eligible for re-election for two years.

The secretary will be responsible for notification of forthcoming events including the Annual General Meeting and for taking the minutes at the AGM and committee meetings. The membership secretary will be responsible for maintaining the records of members and subscriptions and correspondence with potential and new members. The treasurer will be responsible for the receipts, payments and banking together with the preparation of the annual accounts for examination and for presentation to the AGM for adoption.

Two members of the committee to serve for two years

Four members of the committee will constitute a quorum. The President or her nominee as chairwoman will have a casting vote.

In addition, an independent examiner to be elected at the Annual General Meeting, will be responsible for examining the accounts.

3  The financial year will run from 1 October to 30 September. Annual subscriptions will be set by the committee. Increases in the annual subscription will be recommended by the committee for approval at the AGM and to take immediate effect. If, after due reminder, a subscription remains unpaid for two years the membership will lapse.

4 Two committee members, one of whom should be either the president or president-elect, will have the authority to spend up to £30 on individual gifts or donations. Gifts or donations between £30 and £100 will be agreed by a quorum of the committee. Expenditure above £100 will be recommended by the committee for approval by members at the AGM.

5 The Annual General Meeting will take place within 6 weeks of the end of the financial year. One fifth of members will constitute a forum.

Updated October 2012