Notes on managing the web site

Notes on

Table 1: Interfaces to the site

# Interface Username password
2 admin secret
3 secret
4 royhtcom secret

Interface 1 – Public interface

This is the usual interface for people reading content.  It is open for reading.

Interface 2 WordPess-Admin

This is the usual interface for people wishing to update the web site content.   This is intended to be easy to use, but it takes a little practice to be confident of what to do!

Interface 3 – ftp

This is the real man’s interface.  Dangerous.  Only use this if you know what you are doing as you can do a lot of damage very quickly!

Interface 4 – Control panel

This gives you full access to the control of the web site, and also the web site, a friend of mine who is a musician.  The panel also lets you control Roy’s web site and the site of the Oxford Society of Glasgow University Graduates.

This allows you to manage mail addresses, ftp addresses and lots of other things beside.  Only use this when you are quite clear about what you are doing!  You can wipe out three web sites very quickly!

Content Management

I have installed WordPress 3.0 with the Atahualpa 3.5.3 theme with the ata-round style.  This appears to me to give a lot of useful functionality as well as looking great, but of course some additional complexity.  In the WordPress-admin interface use:

Appearance > Atahualpa Theme Options

to control main things about its appearance, such as the icon!